Bachelor of Science in clinical Medicine and Community Health

  1. Rationale of the programme.

Training Clinical Officers at a higher level is one way of raising the standards of health care delivery to Kenyans since they are the ones who provide more than 80% of health services especially in the rural areas. It is envisaged that the Bachelor of Science graduate Clinician will apply critical thinking in the process and come up with practical solutions to solve the various patient’s/client’s health problems and needs. The improvement in the services will be achieved through incorporation of the knowledge and experience acquired from clinical medicine and community health

  1. Why join the programme in Mount Kenya University.

Mount Kenya University was the first institution in the Country to offer the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine and Community Health. The University has a well-established Human Anatomy laboratory as well as other well equipped laboratories, enough teaching facilities and highly trained and committed faculty.

The programme has been designed to recognise that its graduates will have a strong clinical and community health knowledge in order to provide health care that will integrate curative and preventive health care. The graduates from the program have been employed in the different sectors including Training institutions, Ministry of Health, County governments and Non- Governmental organizations.