Department of Forensic Medicine

The department offers programs in Master of Clinical Medicine in the following areas; Forensic Medicine, Accidents and Emergency Medicine and Family Health.

There is increased demand for clinicians who are specialized in various areas of Master of Science in Clinical Medicine as well as a public demand from Clinical Officers, to acquire academic progression. The program will provide the Clinical Medicine graduate an opportunity to advance in the areas of specialization.

Why study the program
The Master of Clinical Medicine program is designed to enable the graduates:
Have strong analytic and critical thinking, knowledge, skills and abilities to

  1. Solve problems in the health care system
  2. Conceptualize and sensitize people on the principles, procedures, and data in health institutions

Program objectives

At the conclusion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Increase the student’s Clinical competence in the area of Specialization.
  • To have the organizational and systems leadership skills to promote critical decision making supporting high quality and safe patient care.
  • Apply methods, instruments and performance measures and standards for quality improvement within the health system
  • To have the knowledge and skills to carry out evidence-based research which will inform clinical practice, promote change and disseminate new knowledge.
  • Continue into an appropriate PhD program if desired

Master of Clinical Medicine Students (Forensic Medicine) in a practical session

Head of Department

Susan Mururi



Tel: 0722876957